Getting Started with BlindEyes

1. Install the prerequisites

Java JDK 6 -

Ant 1.6 or Greater -

Any of the databases listed here can be used: Hibernate Dialects
For this example, I will be using MySQL 5.0 - MySQL 5.0 Downloads

2. Download the latest release of BlindEyes

Download Files

3. Configure the Hibernate Dialect to the database you are using and set the Database properties

Edit BLINDEYES_HOME/ and change the following variables:

hibernate.dialect org.hibernate.dialect.MySQLInnoDBDialect
hibernate.connection.driver_class com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
hibernate.connection.url jdbc:mysql://localhost/blindeyes
hibernate.connection.username root
hibernate.connection.password hardpassword
A list of Hibernate dialects can be found here: Hibernate Dialects

Remember to create the database (mysql> create database blindeyes;) in the database, otherwise hibernate will fail with exceptions.

4. Configure the properties for BlindEyes and generate a new Java keystore

keytool -genkey -alias blindeyes -keyalg RSA -keysize 1024 -dname "CN=localhost,OU=SJM,O=BlindEyes,L=Raleigh,S=NC,C=US" -keypass password -keystore blindeyes.key -storepass password

keytool is located at JAVA_HOME/bin

Now either copy the blindeyes.key to the root directory of BlindEyes in which the path is relative in

blindeyes.encryption.keyname = blindeyes.key
or specify the full path of the file in
blindeyes.encryption.keyname = /opt/keys/blindeyes.key

Also change the blindeyes.encryption.passphrase property to equal the -keypass you set.

5. Run the BlindEyes demo

./ demo-blindeyes

Note that this demo is very simplistic and only shows the execution of jobs linearly. Jobs can be executed massively in parallel.